Chong Jun Kim

“A gift from God” is how Chong Jun Kim describes his painting ability. His expertise range includes Realism, Impressionism, Abstract and Contemporary art. Chong Jun recognizes the importance for a working artist to meet his clients in order to learn what it is they are envision as for the art they commission. He does not just create portraits or paintings from photographs. His connection to the client enables him to reproduce memories

“I use my soul to make people happy. I use my feelings to create things people like.” Satisfaction guaranteed. Whether creating original paintings or reproducing masterpieces, he allows the painting to flow from his soul.

Originally apprenticed to his father-in-law, Thomas Ho, in Korea, he absorbed the techniques and style of the master impressionistic artist. With the encouragement of his mentor, Chong Jun and his wife immigrated to California in 1978. Painting and self-studying constantly, he broadened his artistic repertoire. In conjunction with his old master, Chong Jun and Thomas Ho produced limited editions of their impressionistic art.

A businessman as well as an artist, Chong Jun’s gallery serviced the Beverly Hills and West Hollywood for almost thirty years. Many customers were noted interior designers with specific requests for custom design for their clients as to colors, style, subject matter, size and price.

In 2006, Chong Jun moved from his gallery to his home studio in Larchmont, displaying his artistry on consignment in upscale restaurants. Still accepting contract painting commission, his other services include restoration, and cleaning of antique artwork. His paintings are available for rental for film or television backgrounds, elegant restaurants and shops, and professional offices. His work will soon be available to be viewed and purchased online.

If you are seeking the perfect original paintings for your home or office, master oil painter C. J. Kim will personally create exactly what you envision for a fraction of whatyou would pay through an interior designer or a retail gallery.

Just as he does for top designers, the artist will gave you guaranteed, heirloom-quality original oils in the style, color and size that best enhance the beauty of your living and working space.

Stop by our new studio to see a large collection of this uniquely talented master's work. Bring your inspirations: cherished family photographs, images from magazines or books (maybe even a sketch on a cocktail napkin!) and Mr. Kim will be happy to discuss creating the paintings of your dreams.